Participation of citizens and civil society in development of state policy and legal acts is growing

11/12/2017 Font

During the nearly ten months since the day of the launch of the unified website for publication of draft legal acts (, the number of permanent registered users has reached nearly nine thousand, and the number of drafts posted on the website by state bodies exceeds 560. The Ministries of Finance, Justice and Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia are the top three state bodies that have posted the most drafts. Every day, more than 1200 people visit the unified website for publication of draft legal acts.

The website provides the opportunity for state bodies to introduce draft legal acts to the public and organise public discussions online and ensures active participation of the representatives of civil society in the law-making activities that are being carried out. provides citizens with the opportunity to become familiar with the posted drafts, justifications thereon and other attached documents, and in case of registration on the website, to also submit recommendations, become familiar with the summary paper on recommendations for drafts, the accepted recommendations or the justifications for non-acceptance of those recommendations. The creation of such an opportunity ensures public participation in the law-making process, among other things, by participating in public discussions, the public has a direct impact on the formation of policies carried out by the State in different sectors.

The Ministry of Justice calls once again on the representatives of civil society and the business sector to be active and participate in the development of draft legal acts.



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