Discussion on findings of sociological research on institution of whistle-blowing held

30/01/2018 Font

A series of discussions on the findings of the sociological research on introducing the institution of whistle-blowing and on whistle-blowing kicked off with the participation of Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Suren Krmoyan. The discussions were organised with the support of the "Armenian Lawyers’ Association" NGO. Nearly 40 representatives from non-governmental organisations actively participated in the discussions.

During the meeting, the findings of the sociological research concerning citizens’ attitudes towards whistle-blowing, the negative consequences of failure to whistle-blow, the willingness to whistle-blow on cases of corruption and other issues were presented to the participants. Touching upon the findings of the survey, Deputy Minister Suren Krmoyan emphasised that, at this stage of introduction of the institution of whistle-blowing, the most important thing is to eliminate the element of indifference among the public. For this reason, it is planned to carry out, in the near future, a public awareness campaign in the form of outdoor advertising and public service ads that will engage people from cultural, sport and other sectors, who are beloved and respected by the public.

Afterwards, the participants of the meeting discussed issues regarding improvement of the anti-corruption policy and introduction of more effective mechanisms for the institution of whistle-blowing.

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