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By Decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia No 524-N of 26 April 2018, the unified portal for online requests, run by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, has been introduced. The purpose of the portal is to provide citizens with the opportunity to submit, by electronic means, a request, application or complaint to state authorities disposing information and to receive an answer by electronic means.

Upon a decision, it is envisaged to modernise the electronic websites of all state authorities over the next couple of months, preparing them for submission of requests to a single window by electronic means. Through the above-mentioned single window, citizens will enter the unified portal for online requests through which they will send relevant requests, as well as have the opportunity to evaluate the quality and time period of the services provided by relevant state authorities.

It is worth mentioning that two of the images of statistics available on the Portal are formed based on the opinions expressed by citizens, taking into consideration their satisfaction with the content of the answers provided by state authorities disposing of information and with the time period of submission of the response letter.

At the same time, this model for formation of statistics will serve as an impetus for improving the quality of the activities carried out and services provided by state authorities.

Besides, taking into consideration the trends in the development of electronic management tools in Armenia, the creation of electronic innovative tools along with circulation of paper documents is becoming inevitable, thus contributing to reduction of administrative actions and corruption risks.


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