Minister Zeynalyan: "The aim of Armenia is to protect, guarantee and ensure human rights"

17/05/2018 Font

On 16 May, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Artak Zeynalyan participated in the official opening ceremony of the festival dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The festival is organised for the first time in Armenia.

The Article 3 Human Rights Fest, which is under the slogan "Youth, Let's Learn" this year, was organised in co-operation with the UN Office in Armenia and the EU Delegation to Armenia.

Minister Artak Zeynalyan expressed gratitude to the founders of "Article 3" Club and noted that his most favourite Article in the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia is exactly Article 3, which stipulates that the human being shall be the highest value, the Republic of Armenia shall ensure and protect human rights and that public power shall be restricted by a directly applicable law. According to the Minister, protection, guarantee and ensuring of human rights are the content, meaning and goal of the Republic of Armenia. "When we say ‘the highest value’, we should realise that there is nothing equal to it, and it may not be equal to any other system or other value," Artak Zeynalyan emphasised, assuring that the current Government is called for fulfilling that task, which was included in the Constitution by the people of Armenia. According to the Minister, the new Government has set the objective to include all the issues recorded as a result of the pan-national struggle in the National Strategy on Human Rights Protection and to solve those issues.

Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia Arayik Harutyunyan, UN Resident Coordinator/UNDP Resident Representative Shombi Sharp and others were present at the opening ceremony of the festival as well.

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