Effective electronic tools for exercising the right to receive information prescribed by Law of the Republic of Armenia "On freedom of information" are being introduced

24/07/2018 Font

In 2018, the Ministry of Justice introduced an electronic governance tool, the purpose of which is to make the system of governance more efficient and transparent and make it more accessible for citizens. With the help of a unified platform for electronic requests  that has already been launched, citizens may forward their requests, applications or complaints to the state authorities disposing of information and receive answers online within the established time limits. With the help of the "Follow your application, request or complaint" section, persons submitting an application or complaint must insert the control number provided to them in advance and follow the process of the application, request or complaint.

With the help of the platform, citizens have the opportunity to request from the person disposing of information and receive answers, follow the process of the letter, as well as express, through feedback, an opinion on the time limits and the quality of the provided services without making additional expenses (paper, printing, postal).

The  website also automatically collects and presents various statistics, allowing assessing the number of requests, the efficiency of the work of state authorities and the level of satisfaction of citizens.

The Ministry of Justice urges to use the introduced electronic governance tool, apply online and receive answers to their requests from persons who dispose of information.

Let us also mention that the Ministry of Justice is continuously performing activities on the electronic platform in order to ensure accessibility of services provided to citizens by state authorities and promptly respond to the issues raised by the citizens.

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