Deputy Minister Krmoyan gets acquainted with Kazakhstan’s practice of e-justice

09/10/2018 Font

Within the scope of the working visit to Kazakhstan, Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Suren Krmoyan met with Head of the Court Administration of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurserik Sharipov.

Welcoming the visit of Suren Krmoyan, N. Sharipov briefly informed about the activities that the Court Administration of the Supreme Court has carried out for modernising the judiciary, raising public confidence in the judiciary and ensuring rule of law.

 Emphasising the achievements that his Kazakh counterparts have made in the application of information technologies in the judiciary, Deputy Minister Krmoyan also asked about the electronic records management system in courts.

Accompanied by N. Sharipov, Suren Krmoyan toured the Supreme Judicial Body, the rooms for plenary and court sessions and got acquainted with the video-recording and video-conference systems of the sessions.

It was particularly emphasised that the e-justice algorithm of Kazakhstan included all the stages of the judicial process, starting from filing documents with the office of the court and ending with the process of delivering the final judicial act to the particular citizen.

Deputy Minister Krmoyan also got acquainted with the features of the "Judicial Office" service and the availability of the service for other databases of the state system. Deputy Minister Krmoyan highly appreciated the level of development of the e-justice system in Kazakhstan.

At the end of the meeting, the parties expressed mutual willingness to expand further co-operation in the judicial and legal sectors.

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