Persons in penitentiary institutions can now use the opportunity of video call

06/12/2018 Font

Since 1 November 2018, foreign detained persons or convicts, whose close relatives cannot visit them, as well as detained persons or convicts, whose close relatives cannot benefit from short visits, are provided with the opportunity to make a video call twice a month for up to 20 minutes.

We would like to inform that as a result of co-operation between the Ministry of Justice and the International Committee of the Red Cross, all penitentiary institutions of the Ministry of Justice each have been provided with one technical device necessary for making a video call. Moreover, there are two of them at "Armavir" Penitentiary Institution.

We call on persons deprived of liberty to use their opportunity of video call and ensure their communication with the outside world.

To become acquainted with the procedure for providing a video call, as well as any questions relating to the use of video call, you can contact the administration of the relevant penitentiary institution or call the 8500 hotline of the Ministry of Justice.

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