"We will not create courts judging the courts". Artak Zeynalyan

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Sitting of the Scientific Board takes place in the Faculty of Law of Yerevan State University, during which the topic of transitional justice is also discussed

Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Artak Zeynalyan, Chairperson of the Supreme Judicial Council Gagik Harutyunyan, members of the Scientific Board and students were present at the discussion.

At the beginning of the discussion Adviser to the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Anna Vardapetyan delivered a speech.

The latter, as expert, touched upon a number of issues regarding the transitional justice.

"Firstly, I should note that the term "transitional justice" must be understood in a wider meaning," — Anna Vardapetyan clarified, — the objective of transitional justice is not to punish, but to find ways of conciliation". It is necessary to do it in such a way that the state itself does not become a tool for revenge".

According to the guest speaker, it would be more appropriate if the term "justice of transitional phase" is used here.

"Justice of transitional phase has been applied in a number of countries which also had undergone revolutionary shocks. Here we can discuss the examples of Georgia, Ukraine, Albania and develop such mechanisms which will not repeat the mistakes of these countries".

Speaking of the tool kit for implementation of transitional justice, the guest speaker marked out both the legal and non-legal mechanisms.

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