Unexpected search conducted in "Sevan" Penitentiary Institution by the instruction of Rustam Badasyan

23/10/2019 Font

As a result of inspection activities carried out by the instruction of Minister of Justice Rustam Badasyan, on 23 October, officers of the Operational Unit and the Unit for Ensuring Safety of "Sevan" Penitentiary Institution of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia conducted an unexpected search in the cell of convict A. I. serving the punishment in "Sevan" Penitentiary Institution and in the cache he pointed out, they detected and confiscated a mobile phone with a subscription card, which belonged to the convict and was a prohibited item. Materials are being prepared with regard to the case, an official investigation was assigned.

Let us note that the actions carried out by the instruction of the Minister are conditioned by publications in the mass media, according to which convict A. I made regular posts on his page of social network.

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