Srbuhi Galyan presents achievements made by Armenia in the fight against corruption at OSCE Conference

18/02/2020 Font

Deputy Minister of Justice Srbuhi Galyan is participating in the 28th OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum entitled "Promoting security, stability and economic growth in the OSCE area by preventing and combating corruption through innovation, increased transparency and digitalisation" in Vienna. Before her speech entitled "Expanding transparency through the submission of declarations of income", the Deputy Minister expressed gratitude to the OSCE for the invitation to share the Armenian practice, for the ongoing co-operation and for the assistance to the Government of Armenia in the activities for the fight against corruption.

Srbuhi Galyan touched upon the democratic processes that have taken place in Armenia over the past two years, the activities being carried out for the prevention of and fight against corruption at different levels, emphasising the fact that in 2018, as compared with 2017, there were 60% more criminal cases instituted on the ground of corruption crimes. The Deputy Minister also presented the directions of the
Anti-Corruption Strategy developed with interested parties, setting aside the introduction of participatory mechanisms and improvement of the system of declaration. In regard to improvement of the system of declaration, Srbuhi Galyan informed that the system has been essentially improved, and currently, all
high-ranking officials, judges, prosecutors, investigators, as well as several other
high-ranking officials and their family members submit declarations of property and income electronically. Among other issues, Srbuhi Galyan also touched upon the functions of the established Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, the Unified Electronic Platform for Whistle-Blowing (, the Unified Website for Publication of Legal Acts' Drafts (, as well as the activities targeted at the detection of beneficial owners and further simplification of administrative actions through the ongoing introduction of electronic tools.

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