Statement of information on family status can also be received electronically now

03/06/2020 Font

The Ministry of Justice, within the framework of the previously announced digital agenda, launched the platform, making it possible to receive a statement of information on family status electronically, without visiting the territorial body of the Agency for Civil Status Acts Registration.

Citizens of the Republic of Armenia, as well as foreign citizens who are or have been registered in the State Register of Population of Armenia or stateless persons can benefit from this opportunity.

Let us mention that the Republic of Armenia receives about ten thousand applications for provision of family status on an annual basis, and acceptance of these applications electronically will provide applicants with the opportunity to not appear before the competent body in person or through an authorised person in order to fill in the relevant application. As for the statement of information, it will be submitted electronically after the proceedings.

You can use this guide to have access to the system.

This guide provides information about how you can receive a statement of information on family status through the platform.

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