Control Service

Head of the Legitimacy Control Inspectorate

The inspectorate — in cases and in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law — examines, checks and summarises the activities of notaries, mediates the Minister to suspend the activities of a notary, supervises adherence by the notarial chamber to laws and other legal acts and to the statutory demands of the notarial chamber, notifies non-commercial organisations, accepts notifications, references, reports and other documents prescribed by law, warns a legal person about the elimination of revealed violations of the requirements of laws, recommends a procedure and time limits for elimination of the revealed violations, implements control over and supervises non-commercial organisations, including inspections, submits a request for suspension, as well as liquidation of non-commercial organisations and applies liability measures, controls the adherence by civil status acts registration bodies to laws and other legal acts, implements control over adherence to laws and other legal acts during the activities of the Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service and the Penitentiary Service, submits a recommendation to hold a compulsory enforcement officer or a penitentiary officer liable, conducts official exams and prepares materials of disciplinary proceedings against a judge. The inspectorate also receives citizens, discusses and analyses the activities of notaries, civil status acts registration bodies, the Compulsory Enforcement Service, the Penitentiary Service and the Agency for State Register of Legal Persons, the applications and appeals reporting about the grounds for instituting a disciplinary proceeding against a judge. The inspectorate performs other supervisory functions reserved to the Ministry and the Minister.

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