The Personal Data Protection Agency sums up the second year of activities

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Attaching importance to the ensuring of the principles of transparency and publicity, the Personal Data Protection Agency of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia is presenting the report for the year 2016 to the public.

The main activities of the Agency for the year 2016 were aimed at solving the main sector-specific issues, i.e. protection of personal data of minors, implementation of video surveillance, as well as undesirable messages. The challenges in the sphere of personal data protection also included the functioning of law and increase in the level of public awareness.

With the view of resolving the mentioned issues and preventing violations of the right of personal data protection, in 2016, the Agency developed a number of guides and adopted consultative decisions. The Guides on protection of personal data of children, on video surveillance and on removing personal data from Facebook establish practical instrumentation for the public at large, and the consultative decisions on undesirable messages and disclosure of personal data of children help avoid violations of legislation on personal data protection.

In 2016, the Agency provided consulting for 343 natural and legal persons on the Law of the Republic of Armenia "On protection of personal data" and received 1544 notifications.

Throughout the previous year, the Agency recorded a number of successful cases. These were the cases that were positively resolved with the involvement of the Agency and through its consultancy. The Agency initiated 11 administrative proceedings, and relevant decisions were rendered for 9 of them.

The Agency attaches great importance to public awareness and education about the right of protection of personal data and the regulations in the Law of the Republic of Armenia "On protection of personal data". The function of raising public awareness has been carried out through three main methods: publications in media (including social networks), discussions and trainings. At the initiative and with the participation of the Agency, 14 workshops and conferences took place throughout 2016, during which different issues related to the protection of personal data were presented; 363 people underwent training, of which 51 were representatives of state bodies, 260 were representatives of different organisations, and 52 were media representatives.

Throughout 2016, the Agency joined a number of reputable European groups and institutions for the protection of personal data, establishing a wide field for co-operation with international organisations dealing with the protection of personal data.

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