Working discussion regarding keeping judicial statistics took place

15/06/2018 Font

Today, a previously announced working discussion on keeping judicial statistics — stipulated by Article 19 of the Constitutional Law "On the Judicial Code of the Republic of Armenia" — took place at the Ministry of Justice.

About a dozen representatives from public and private organisations were present at the meeting held under the chairmanship of Deputy Director of the "Centre for Legislation Development and Legal Research" Foundation Arsen Hovhannisyan. The purpose of the meeting was to compile the issues that are encountered in practice while keeping judicial statistics and receive recommendations for making the process of developing a draft Government decision — envisaging a new procedure for keeping judicial statistics — more participatory.

During the discussion, all the interested parties raised their issues of concern with regard to keeping judicial statistics and expressed opinions on making the process more effective. At the end of the meeting, Arsen Hovhannisyan urged the participants to submit in writing - within a term of fifteen days - all their recommendations related to the type, content of the card of keeping judicial statistics and publication of the collected information to the "Centre for Legislation Development and Legal Research" Foundation with the view to making the envisaged changes to judicial statistics more efficient.



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