Persons having committed an administrative offence shall be released from the obligation of paying the amount of penalty provided for by the administrative act and enforcement expenses incurred related to levying the amount

24/05/2018 Font

The draft Law developed by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia ( provides that persons having committed an administrative offence provided for by some Articles of the Code on Administrative Offences till 1 January 2018 must be released from the obligations of paying the amount of the penalty (unpaid portion), as well as enforcement expenses incurred related to levying the amount.

The necessity of this initiative is conditioned by the large number of penalties imposed in the field of road traffic safety, which, on the one hand, does not contribute to effective implementation of the policy aimed at preventing offences by the State, and on the other hand, the payment of penalties, in terms of the social conditions of the addressees, has negative consequences in many cases.




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