Admission of applicants for formation of the new Patrol Service to start in a couple of days: Who can apply (edited)?

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The establishment of a new patrol service is envisaged in the context of police reforms. This will be the first wave of modern police, with new education and skills, new demeanour and professionalism, high salary, as well as new equipment and resources. The first step to take to achieve this goal will be the 5-month (September-January) training program at the Educational Complex of the Police.

Goal: a new Patrol Service, that is, a new, dynamic external service to be provided by foot and via vehicles.





Start of applicants’ admission: June 2020, start of the course: October.

-         Training — 5 months;

-         Launch of the Patrol Service in Yerevan — 1st quarter of 2021.


Who can apply?

-       Every citizen of the Republic of Armenia who is between the ages of 18 and 35, has at least secondary education and does not suffer from diseases provided for by the list established by the legislation;

-       Has passed compulsory military service (except for female citizens and the case provided for by point “e” of part 1 of Article 12 of the Law of the Republic of Armenia “On conscription”) and meets the requirements of Article 11 of the Law “On service in the Police”;

-       Police officers who meet the requirements prescribed by the legislation.


On admission:

-       There is a total of 770 spots for admission;

-       Health and physical fitness check;

-       General knowledge and psychological description test;

-       Interview;

-       Minimum requirements are set for applicants (aged 18-35, with at least secondary education, no work experience required for admission).

On the learning process:

-       Interesting and dynamic training in groups, with a minimum of theoretical part, team and practical training will prevail;

-       Tactical exercises and intensive fire training lessons;

-       Special training courses by specialists of foreign law enforcement authorities;

-       Highly qualified professors, frequent meeting-discussions with high-ranking officials, deputies and ambassadors, lessons on leadership;

-       Foreign language courses are envisaged;

-       Frequent tests during the course (this will make it easy to take the final exam).


Attractiveness of the Service:

-       Applicants who successfully complete the five-month course at the Educational Complex of the Police will be immediately appointed to a position. Progress during the learning process and former service as a in the police may give the student an advantage to be appointed to a group of a position corresponding to the rank of officer.


On remuneration:

•      During the whole period of training, a minimum monthly salary in the amount of AMD 68,000 is paid as remuneration, and in the case of police officers, the salary is maintained.

•      During the service, the minimum salary will be AMD 320,000 (the salary including taxes will be AMD 237,400).


On the appearance of the Service:

•      New type of patrol uniform in accordance with international standards, new technical and special equipment, new vehicles.


Career perspectives:

•      ingrowth of the hierarchy of the Patrol Service, transition to other services within the police system in case of desire and professional conformity.

•      Professional advancement, opportunity to serve in the Criminal Police.

•      Perspective to receive free vocational higher education.


Social guarantees include, but are not limited to:

•      in case of transfer to a new place of service, a one-time financial assistance provided to the employee and his or her family member in the prescribed amount;

•      one-time financial assistance in case of marriage, long-term illness or death of a family member or damage to the property of an servant as a result of a natural disaster;

•      free medical care at military medical institutions for a servant and his or her family members;

•      medical services for the servant and his or her family member at other medical institutions with 50% discount, including surgeries and medical interventions considered "expensive" in the field;

•      privilege to use public transport free-of-charge;

•      provision of monetary compensation for rental of living space by employees in need of improvement of housing conditions during the period of service in accordance with the procedure and amounts established by the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

•      After 20 years of police service, a lump-sum payment of 20-fold of the minimum salary, as well as a military pension on the basis of the corresponding position rate.


Contacts for questions and proposals:

•      Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia: +37410 594028;

•      Educational Complex of the Police of the Republic of Armenia: +37410 770981; +37410 778033

•      Department of Personnel Policy of the Police of the Republic of Armenia: +37411584971,

Welcome to the Police...

Become the face of the new police by joining the Patrol Service


[1] Deadlines may change with developments linked to COVID-19.

* This is not an admission announcement, the announcement for receipt of applications will be made within the coming week.

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