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On 7 July, Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Suren Krmoyan met with about a dozen representatives of civil society at "Hodvats 3" Club and presented the opportunities that the unified website for publishing draft legal acts, launched by the Ministry, has to offer. Suren Krmoyan noted that the set of instruments of the electronic platform provides citizens with an opportunity to become a direct participant of law-making.

The Deputy Minister emphasised — as a feature — that the draft legal acts posted on this platform remain posted for public discussion for at least 15 days and that the proposals of interested citizens regarding the draft legal acts are in no way subject to revision or change. The Deputy Minister emphasised that appropriate changes have currently been made, according to which a draft legal act developed by a Ministry might not be approved by the Government of the Republic of Armenia and might be returned for not having been presented on for public discussion.

Touching upon the statistical indicators, Suren Krmoyan stated that the attendance indicators of the website have increased month after month and, based on the summarised data of June, 13.556 people have visited the website, and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Armenia, the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia have been the leaders in posting the most draft legal acts.

In closing, the Deputy Minister urged the civil society representatives to register on, to use this set of tools that electronic democracy has provided and to become actively involved in the process of drafting this or that sector-specific legislation that is interesting.

At the end of the meeting, the participants were introduced to the social clip presenting the goal and the possibilities of the unified website for publication of legal acts at, which has been launched for the purpose of electronic democracy. The presentation was followed by a question–and-answer session.

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