Suren Krmoyan has working meeting for reducing corruption with representatives of private sector

23/05/2018 Font

On 21 May, Deputy Minister of Justice Suren Krmoyan had a working discussion with representatives of the private sector for reducing corruption recorded by the private sector. The meeting was organised within the scope of the joint programme being implemented by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, VivaCell-MTS and Harmonious Development NGO.

During the meeting, Suren Krmoyan attached importance to the involvement of representatives of the business sector and their ideological support to anti-corruption programmes as well — to make the State’s solutions to involvement and ideological support more targeted and effective. In this context, Deputy Minister Krmoyan urged the participants of the meeting to present ideas to the Ministry of Justice, which would be implemented in the near future through to joint discussions and joint efforts.

Suren Krmoyan, mentioned, as successful examples, a number of innovative solutions introduced in the field of providing state services in recent years, the existence of which had not only practically excluded manifestations of corruption in that sector, but had also significantly reduced the period needed for the service provided to citizens.

Subsequently, the participants of the discussion exchanged ideas, and at the end of the meeting, an agreement was reached to meet again with developed recommendations.

At the same time, Suren Krmoyan noted that such meetings would continue in the future and that similar discussions would be regularly organised with the representatives of different groups.

The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia urges representatives of the private sector to speak out if they have innovative recommendations aimed at reducing corruption and if they have effective solutions by completing the questionnaire available at the following link and submitting it to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia: :

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