Penitentiary institutions being re-equipped with modern tools for ensuring security

12/02/2020 Font

Under the 2019-2023 Strategy for the Penitentiary and Probation Sectors of the Republic of Armenia, special importance has been attached to modernisation and technical equipment of penitentiary institutions, particularly re-equipment with modern engineering and technical tools for ensuring security and supervision.

For the purpose of implementation of these strategic benchmarks, the Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia has already obtained and installed in all 12 penitentiary institutions X-ray security devices of "RAPISCAN ORION 920 CX" brand, as well as the transition and handheld mobile detectors (metal detectors) of "SECUPLUS" brand, through the application of which inspection and examination of deliveries, as well as natural persons entering the regime zones of penitentiary institutions are carried out through an incomparably fast, effective and reliable method.

Technical re-equipment with the mentioned modern devices provides the opportunity to essentially reduce the cases of penetration of prohibited items, including narcotic drugs into penitentiary institutions; besides, during the processes of inspection, the innovative devices will help to reduce human interference to a minimum, thereby contributing to exclusion of corruption risks.

As a result of obtaining the technical devices of the new generation and using them along with the previous devices that are already being operated at penitentiary institutions, it has also become possible to increase the number of control points, and this has helped to raise the level of ensuring security and the state of supervision at penitentiary institutions.

Technical re-equipment and modernisation at penitentiary institutions will be ongoing.

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