Compulsory Enforcement Service, Contacts

 The Compulsory Enforcement Serviceof the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia ensures compulsory enforcement of the decisions of courts, arbitration tribunals, and the Financial System Mediator of the Republic of Armenia, as well as — where so provided for by the international treaties of the Republic of Armenia — of acts of international and foreign courts and arbitration tribunals in cases where they are not enforced voluntarily.

The ground for compulsory enforcement, however, is the writ of execution issued by the courts of the Republic of Armenia, irrespective of the body whose act is subjected to compulsory enforcement. Moreover, enforcement proceedings may be instigated by the claimant only, through submitting for compulsory enforcement, within a period prescribed by law, a court-issued writ of execution.

To perform its functions, the Compulsory Enforcement Service applies enforcement measures, such as the levy on execution against property of the debtor by ensuring satisfaction of the claim through the amounts received from its sales, the satisfaction of non-property claims through the means of the Service at the expense of the debtor, and the imposition of sanctions against the debtor for failure to comply with the obligations.