Unified Office for Public Services

The Ministry of Justice reminds that the first Unified Office for Public Services has been launched in the centre of Yerevan. All comfortable conditions have been created for citizens to receive from the unified centre the services rendered by the following agencies: 

1. Civil Status Acts Registration Agency; 

2. State Register of Legal Entities; 

3. State Revenue Committee; 

4. National Archive; 

5. Social Security Service; 

6. Migration Service; 

7. Cadastre Committee; 

8. Funeral Bureau; 

9. Notary.


Let us inform that the area has a waiting room, a parking lot, is equipped with banking terminals, queue management devices (there is also an electronic queuing opportunity with the Еarlyone mobile application). 

Applications can be filed with the Unified Office for Public Services at 3 Vazgen Sargsyan Street, every working day, from 09:00 a.m to 14:00 p.m and from 15:00 p.m to 18:00 p.m. Depending on the activity of citizens applying to the Office, the service will also be rendered on weekends, if necessary. In case of any questions about services of the Civil Status Acts Registration Agency being rendered at the Unified Office, you can contact on the following telephone numbers: +374 10 59 39 22 and +374 10 59 39 39