Deputy Minister of Justice Armen Hovhannisyan and Head of the Penitentiary Service Artur Goyunyan visit "Armavir" Penitentiary Institution


On 2 February 2021, Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Armen Hovhannisyan toured "Armavir" Penitentiary Institution of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, accompanied by Head of the Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, Major-General of Justice Artur Goyunyan, the deputy heads of the Penitentiary Service and the heads of the respective subdivisions of the Central Body of the Penitentiary Service.

The primary goal was to get acquainted with the repair works carried out in the 2nd station that has been transformed for the purpose of ensuring appropriate conditions for serving punishment within the semi-open correctional institution.

Within the scope of the visit, Armen Hovhannisyan also got acquainted with the current condition of "Armavir" Penitentiary Institution of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, the meal plan, the methods of food preparation, paid special attention to the conditions for confinement of persons deprived of liberty while talking to the convicts and listening to their concerns; at the infirmary, he was introduced to the existing conditions and opportunities for the maintenance of health at the Penitentiary Institution.

Afterwards, accompanied by the staff, the Deputy Minister visited the rooms for ceramic art and painting training courses ensuring occupation and re-socialisation of persons deprived of liberty, the library, the premises for free movement, the room for receiving deliverables where the technical features of a modern X-ray security scanner — used for detecting the circulation of prohibited items and narcotic drugs, were presented.

At the end of the visit, the annual activities of "Armavir" Penitentiary Institution for 2020 were summed up under the chairmanship of Head of the Penitentiary Service Artur Goyunyan and with the participation of Deputy Minister Armen Hovhannisyan.

The issues on making the fight against corruption, the subculture, prohibited items and narcotic drugs more effective and consistent; raising the bar for discipline and vigilance of officers higher, as well as excluding the cases of death, suicide and potential self-harm as much as possible, organising relevant activities in the social, psychological and legal spheres in this direction in a more goal-oriented and targeted manner, were topics that were particularly discussed during the consultation.